Monday, March 21, 2016

Wild Hog Explosion

"Wild Hog Explosion"... who came up with a crazy name like that?? That is what was happening in Bandera on Saturday. It's an event to raise money for the local library. One of our neighbors is on the board or the committee or something...and was in charge of a food booth. So he asked us to come and volunteer to serve food. We showed up at Mansfield park at 10:30 am- got alittle training and started serving food at 11:00. There were two choices on the food- a large plate for $8 and a small plate for $5. The large plate included, pulled pork, sausage, beans, potato salad, bread, pickles, onions, water or tea. The small plate was a sausage wrapped in a tortilla, a bag of chips, and water or tea. The large plate of food was a really nice, large lunch. The event also had various booths and games. And of course the hog catching contest. There was small arena set up, where teams, of two people tried to see how fast they could catch the hog, put it in a gunny sack, and carry it to a "line". The team with the fastest time wins. All ages- small kids get small hogs, bigger kids bigger hogs. I assume adults get the biggest hog. We didn't stay to see that. The weather was actually pretty cold, with a strong wind blowing. But...hey...we got a free lunch and a free crazy shirt.

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