Monday, April 18, 2016

Cousin Time and Kids-Being-Kids

Micah had to leave on Sunday evening, but Al and the kids, and us stayed in Smithfield. Pretty much on Monday, we all sat around the house and talked all day. Of course we had to feed the kids a couple of times. hehe We had FHE on Monday night. On Tuesday evening, Daniel, Mike, Ron, and Jaden went to a Jazz/Spurs basketball game in Salt Lake. The rest of us went to Wendys for dinner and then the kids just played and played...outside. It was great cousin time from Sunday until Wednesday. From Wednesday until Saturday, we were with Al and the kids at her house. Again...just playing...haha. Ron did a couple of inside-the-house-jobs and he tried to pull all of the dandelions out of the front yard. But those are funny little boogers...they keep popping back up the next day. He could barely stay ahead of them. Most of my time, I spent following the kids around and picking up food, trash, toys, clothing, etc. It is a full time job to do that :)
Here are some pics of the

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