Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Friday, April 15

In the morning, Ron and I both worked in the yard. Pulling weeds, trimming, and planting. I have been working for some time now, on the front flower bed and the back flower bed. The back one is inside the pool fence, so that is the only place where I can plant some thing and not have the deer eat it. Both spaces were over run with WEEDS. I decided to tackle those alittle bit each day. (Usually after it rains. Otherwise the ground is too hard, and I can't pull anything out). The back bed now has a lime tree, snapdragons, summer snapdragons, Easter lilies, and mint...lots of mint :) The front bed has the lantana plants, some cat nip, a couple of other bushes (not sure exactly what those are) and lots and lots of weeds. I also expect some four oclocks to come back there. By mid afternoon we were ready for a short road trip to the Salt Lick Restaurant, in Driftwood, Texas. It is a famous barbecue place. We decided we needed to try it. (Actually Ron had been there once before, but a long time ago.)  Two hours to get there, an hour there, and two hours back. The food was good...alittle different than normal least the potatoes, beans, and sauce. Not a very "fancy" place. We got there at 4 oclock, so not really crowded and we didn't have to wait. Great evening to be wandering around the hill country :)

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