Sunday, April 10, 2016

Happy Easter

I planned a few special things for Easter this year. Some fun desserts, an egg hunt, an Easter basket wagon. We really miss not getting to spend holidays with all of our children. As a result, Eli and Noah are spoiled- lol. I put a couple of Easter buckets outside and hid lots of eggs, but when the boys got here, they were still sleepy and went inside the house. They perked up pretty well when they found the Easter wagon though. (Only one wagon, but two of everything inside. I knew that Eli would know exactly how to divide it up between him and Noah.) A little later Audrey and Ron took the boys to the river on the mule. Needless to say, one of the eggs hidden on the front tire of the mule got ran over and smashed. was time for the egg hunt. I forgot to count how many I hid and the wind was blowing enough to "change my hiding spots". After that, we had dinner. Then cookies, cupcakes, and candy eggs for dessert. Eli helped me pass out the desserts and then I gave him a small hammer to use on his "bright yellow" egg. Let the smashing fun begin :) I thought I had taken photos of some of my Easter decor, but I guess not. And now it is too late for those, everything is piled on my dining room table to be packed away tomorrow. Andersons brought me a cute little wooden, stacking egg set!

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