Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Little Home Decor

I pretty much feel like our home. here, is extravagant...until I go visit some of the other homes in BGR. Then ours looks pretty "normal". Actually, I love my home...it's just not very "fancy"...maybe more "useful". With any home there are always a few things that could have been done different, or didn't turn out quite like expected. But generally, we got everything we wanted...just not "elegant"- haha. Anyway... with my minimalist personality, I would rather have empty space than clutter. I have been looking at ideas to "reduce on stuff". One of the principles there is that once you reduce, you are more picky about what new, comes in. So every now and then I have ideas of some home decor, but I am willing to shop or wait for the perfect item to come along. Several of those happened this month. A little shopping on Etsy, brought some owls all the way from England :) JoAnns and World Market supplied a couple of cute items. An exhange at Kirklands produced some lizards. (Long story on that one. I couldn't do a return, just an exchange, so I HAD to pick something.-lol) Then on a random quick trip through Ross- I found the perfect "birds" in shades of turquoise. Now I need 3 or 4 months of "nothing coming IN" :) And some more stuff going OUT. I may be driving Ron crazy with my chickens, owls, birds, Noah...and now lizards- lol. (Actually, he doesn't know about the birds. He never comes in my bathroom upstairs).

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