Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Vacation Photos- Happy 40 Years.

It only took us 40 years to figure out how to go on a real vacation- lol. During those 40 years, almost every trip we went on involved a family activity, or other family members, and staying at a family members house. Sam called that a two edged sword...at least we have family that wants to see us and do things with us- haha. (We did go once to Florida, by ourselves...to see what our Wyndham ownership there looked like. We went to Washington D.C. by ourselves once, to go to the Glenn Beck rally. We went on a trip to Mexico, more recently, with Alison and Micah. But, that is the extent of our "vacation" trips.) So...for our anniversary, we decided that we needed to go see what our Hawaii, Wyndham ownership looks like. Neither one of us have ever been to Hawaii before. The Wyndham, Kona Hawaiian Resort is nice. It doesn't look very modern, but it is kept in very good condition. All of the buildings there are either 2 condos or 4 condos. Surrounded by lots of natural trees, flowers, and vegetation. Two swimming pools and an exercise room. Not unusual for things to be "outdoors" in Hawaii...like the main check in desk of the resort. (I didn't actually get a photo of that). Our condo was one of the buildings with just "two". One upstairs and one downstairs. We were upstairs...so our dining room was an upper deck. (All of the condos there are two bedroom- we had lots of extra space. I couldn't get Ron to have his own bedroom- ha, but we did each have our own bathroom.) Instead of doing one giant post about our trip, I am going to do several shorter ones. This first one is pics of the resort and pics of our Friday evening dinner- at the "Fish Hopper". Our flight left San Antonio at 6:10 am on Friday, the 13th :) We didn't even bother to go to bed on Thursday night, because we left home at 2:30 am, parked the car at 3:45 am, got the 4:00 am shuttle to the airport and had plenty of time before our flight. The first flight was to San Francisco (about an hour layover there). The second flight was from San Francisco to Kona. (6 hours). We arrived Kona about 1:00 pm. Got the rental car and headed for Kailua-Kona (only about 8 miles from the airport). We took a little tour to "locate" a few places, then went to Safeway, for groceries (super expensive!), then checked in, at the resort. We had dinner at the "Fish Hopper"(Notice, in that restaurant, it looks like we are sitting near a window- but without glass- just open, to the street.) After dinner... back to the condo for 10 hours of sleep :) My fitbit really wondered what was up. A night with NO sleep, followed by a whole day of SITTING. (So my 10 hours of sleep on Friday night and then my 6 miles of walking on Saturday, kind of averaged out Thursday night and Friday.)

(The third photo is what the "tops" of the resort look like from another building, on the hillside above. The last photo is an amazing tree on main street, near the "Fish Hopper". Remember to click on the pics to make them larger.)

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