Monday, June 6, 2016

Fabric and Ribbon

Ron hasn't scolded me for my last purchase from JoAnn's was a doozy. I stocked up on ribbon and fabric. Back to making taggie blankets. By the end of summer, we will have 4 new babies in the ward AND 1 new baby in the family. Every time I get to my sewing room, I wonder why I don't spend more time there- lol. I really do enjoy "making things"... some day... some other season of life. Here is my latest project...and my stash.


A Sunset and a Couple of Cats

Back to the animal pics- haha. Just a random assortment of photos- a beautiful sunset, and a couple of cats. (The orange one has been here since we moved in- the gray one just shows up for food. So we have "fat cat" and "scaredy cat"- he is wild and not very friendly- Ron calls him Max.) The deer and her two babies come to our yard almost every day. Same old squirrel, doing his tricks. (sometimes he brings his three friends with him.) Great back porch to spend time...except for the mosquitoes. (that comes with all the rain we have had. First year we were here, no mosquitoes at all, but no river at all either.)

Memorial Day

Andersons came out Sunday evening for dinner and then...spent the night! The boys were excited to get to stay! So I planned eggs, bacon, and pancakes for breakfast. Hotdogs for lunch and spaghetti for dinner. Although the boys were more excited about swimming, than any food I had planned. I got a new "lizard" for the pool. It tended to be top heavy and tip over, though. The best statement of the day was when it tipped over, putting Noah in the water, and he came up yelling at Sam, "I don't like that!!" I didn't get very many pictures, but it turned out to be a great sunny day...after some morning rain and clouds.

Back Home

Our flight left Kona at 10:50 pm, arrived in Seattle at 7:30 am. (Losing 3 hours, because of the time difference.) We had a great breakfast at the airport in Seattle. Our flight left for SA at 11:30 am- arriving in SA at 5:30 pm. (Losing another couple of hours.) It had been raining at home, so I kept checking the facebook posts to see if roads were open or closed. We stopped at WhataBurger for dinner, which put us at home about 8:30. The roads were open by then. We came back on Thursday, so that Ron didn't miss his temple shift on Friday. I had to go grocery shopping- lol. There was 5 inches of rain while we were gone- English crossing closed and lots of water in the river. Here are three last pics of my "Hawaii stuff". Good to be home- just trying to get back into the swing of normal life, instead of vacation mode- ha.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hawaii- Wednesday

On Wednesday morning we went to the temple there. It was just a short distance from the resort. We could see a cruise ship in the harbor from the temple parking lot. (Some of the temple pics. I took on Friday evening). Beautiful flowers surrounding the temple. In the afternoon I did a bit of shopping, while Ron stayed at the resort. Late afternoon was packing. One last dinner out, at Huggos, then back to the airport, for an all night flight to Seattle. Then from Seattle to San Antonio, by 5:30 on Thursday. (way too much sitting for me- ha)

Hawaii- Tuesday

On Tuesday, we had a full day of activities. first was a drive and a short time/lunch at a small beach. Then a helicopter ride for Ron and shopping for me. Then in the evening snorkeling with the manta rays. Ron swam a bit at the beach, I just took pics- ha. The helicopter was with the "Blue-Hawaiian". (I will post a few pics here). While he was doing that I went shopping at the Queens market. After that we went to the Kings Shops, to see the wood carvers store. Then back to the resort for dinner- then the manta rays. (That wasn't my favorite experience- but I survived). I don't have any pics of that. Ron had a underwater, disposable camera, but we haven't developed that film yet. That was with "Sea Quest Snorkeling Adventures". (I found a few pics online for the snorkeling)