Monday, June 6, 2016

Back Home

Our flight left Kona at 10:50 pm, arrived in Seattle at 7:30 am. (Losing 3 hours, because of the time difference.) We had a great breakfast at the airport in Seattle. Our flight left for SA at 11:30 am- arriving in SA at 5:30 pm. (Losing another couple of hours.) It had been raining at home, so I kept checking the facebook posts to see if roads were open or closed. We stopped at WhataBurger for dinner, which put us at home about 8:30. The roads were open by then. We came back on Thursday, so that Ron didn't miss his temple shift on Friday. I had to go grocery shopping- lol. There was 5 inches of rain while we were gone- English crossing closed and lots of water in the river. Here are three last pics of my "Hawaii stuff". Good to be home- just trying to get back into the swing of normal life, instead of vacation mode- ha.

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