Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hawaii -Sunday and Monday

On Sunday, May 15, we went to church at the Kealakekua Ward.. The church building is right next to the temple there. Since I normally don't get to attend Sunday school or Relief Society, it was a good treat. The couple that spoke in Sacrament meeting were very interesting. They also sang a song with the sister-in-law and the brother. (or maybe it was the brother-in-law and the sister- not sure on that- ha) On Monday evening at the Luau we also saw the brother again. He has a business as a wood carver and he had a booth set up near the Luau to sell his carvings. Sunday afternoon, and early evening we went for a drive. North to Waimea and then around the coast to Hilo. Then back across the middle near, Mount Kea. I didn't really get any photos, except at a rest area, near the base of the mountain. It was very cloudy and we could not see the mountain. On Monday evening we attended a Luau, that was at a near by resort. (we got the tickets for "free" for attending the Wyndham presentation on Monday morning- ha, again.) The Luau had a big buffet dinner and then Hawaiian style dancers and music for entertainment. It was a very nice evening to be outside sitting near the ocean.

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