Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hawaii- Tuesday

On Tuesday, we had a full day of activities. first was a drive and a short time/lunch at a small beach. Then a helicopter ride for Ron and shopping for me. Then in the evening snorkeling with the manta rays. Ron swam a bit at the beach, I just took pics- ha. The helicopter was with the "Blue-Hawaiian". (I will post a few pics here). While he was doing that I went shopping at the Queens market. After that we went to the Kings Shops, to see the wood carvers store. Then back to the resort for dinner- then the manta rays. (That wasn't my favorite experience- but I survived). I don't have any pics of that. Ron had a underwater, disposable camera, but we haven't developed that film yet. That was with "Sea Quest Snorkeling Adventures". (I found a few pics online for the snorkeling)

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