Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Canada/Utah Trip

The next few posts will be from our trip to Canada and Utah.Canada with the Simms and EvaMay for Alsterlunds anniversary party. Utah for the arrival of Ashton. (Also with the Simms and the Petes). On Tuesday, June 21, we had a early morning flight to Houston and then on to Calgary. Since we had to leave home in the middle of the night...I never went to bed. We packed up late and then I spent a couple of hours cleaning the house. We arrived in Calgary about noon. Went to get the RV- then back to the airport to pick up EvaMay. The Simms met us in Canmore that evening. Dinner at Boston Pizza, then EvaMay, Annie, Alex, and Savie slept in Mike and Enolas house there. The Simms boys slept in the RV with us. Ron and I didn't have much blanket and it was cold that night. We spent Wednesday and Thursday in the national parks. Stayed at a campground each night. Spent Friday, driving the rest of the way to Mike and Enola's "other" house. The RV adventure had lots of annoying little issues :) Stops included Lake Louise, Lake Moraine, and McDonalds. (The MacDonalds stop was for Weston) (I may not have these pics exactly in order of events, but you'll get the idea. I also grabbed some pics from Annie)

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