Thursday, July 21, 2016

Saturday Evening, June 25

Saturday evening was the anniversary party for Mike and Enola. They held it at a community center, in Rocky Lane. 4-6 pm was snacks and gathering. 6 pm was dinner, followed by music with a band and dancing. One of the strange things there is that the sun doesn't set until about 12:30 am. It can be very late in the evening and not seem like it. We drove back to the house at that time. On Sunday, most of us went back to the community center to "clean up". We hung around there on Monday, but Mike and Enola still had friends there from Colorado and an RV to return, so we didn't spend much time with them that day. We took us, the Simms, and Mike, Enola, EvaMay, and two friends to Boston Pizza for dinner on Monday evening. Enola kept commenting how they "never go to town just for dinner". Here are assorted pics from the anniversary party.

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