Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Eli and Noah Visit

Even though the Andersons come out every Sunday evening for dinner...Eli and Noah don't get to come and stay very often. On Sunday, Aug. 14....right after church...we headed to San Antonio to pick up the boys. Sam and Audrey were flying to Arizona, later that afternoon, for a four-day-date :)
So...we had Sunday evening, all day Monday and Tuesday...then half of the day on Wednesday, with the boys. (I took them back home on Wed. afternoon- Evie met me there at 3 pm. Sam and Aud got home late Wed. pm) The funny story about Eli was him getting ice cream sandwiches and yogurt out of the refrig and taking them upstairs to eat in the bunk room. He was smart enough to be super quiet, early in the mornings...sit on the only bunk bed without bedding (just the plastic cover)... not spill anything... and told the truth when questioned.  He was not smart enough to get rid of the evidence :)
The funny story on Noah, was when I gave him a small bottle of Gatorade in the car, to drink on the way home. He never opened it at all, he carefully held it with both hands in his lap, all the way home. He said, "I can't drink it in the car- I will get it all over the place!" Wonder where he heard something like that?? :) On Tuesday evening, we watched a couple of movies. One was the "Ice Age". The best part was us, watching the boys, watching that movie- they laughed, and laughed. I got a few pics, but not very many...I was busy- lol. Sunday evening was rainy...the boys still played outside for a bit, in their Sunday clothes. Monday was rainy all day...that was pajama day...even to go outside and feed the wildlife. Ron was great help with the boys. The only time that he "checked out" on me was Tuesday morning when I was trying to get myself ready, get mom ready, and get the boys dressed and breakfast. Ron's shift that day didn't start until after mom and I left to go to the cancer center in San Antonio. (that trip wiped out the rest of the day). Ron did lunch and swimming by himself that day.

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