Saturday, September 17, 2016

My Day...My Life

If I describe my day to will also describe my life these days :) This one maybe started last night, right when I was getting ready to go to bed...about 11 pm. Take mom to the bathroom. Now get ready and get in bed. 1 am...take mom to the bathroom. Go back to bed...some trouble going back to sleep. 5:30 am... or hasn't "buzzed" me again...maybe she will wait until 6:30am , when her radio comes on. Nope...6 am...take mom to the bathroom. Go back to bed, sleep unsoundly until about 7:30 am. Get up, quickly put on some clothing. Take mom to the bathroom and then get her breakfast out. Let's see...what can I get done, while waiting for Ron to show up for breakfast? (it usually takes him about 2 hours from when he gets up, to come to the table.) Oh, get moms cake made for tomorrow. Wait...I still have groceries from yesterday to put away. Better check Face Book, email, the website, and my phone. Got the cake in the oven. I got one box of dresses unpacked from the garage this week...maybe I should pull a couple more boxes of dresses out of the garage, and get photos of them, for the lady in AZ. Oh...breakfast now. Better also start some laundry. My phone rings- from that phone call, I need to make a phone call. Left message to call me back. Take mom to the bathroom. Phone call came back. Spent 30 minutes on that call. Go help mom get dressed and start her laundry. Maybe I should make a list of specific items to get done today...somehow I'm getting side tracked. Okay...go up stairs and get my primary stuff ready for tomorrow. Get on the computer to find another phone number. Oh, look, several notifications on FB. Better check my website again...maybe a new order there...nope. Check email...two accounts to check now. An email asking about the songs for the primary program- where is that list?? Take mom to the bathroom. Fix lunch. Dryer done, hang up clothes. Clean up kitchen table and take mom to the bathroom. Lunch with Ron. Take clothes to the closet. Go out to garage to fill up the bug sprayer...spilled some on the floor. Go to the bathroom in shop to get paper towels. Boy, that toilet needs to be cleaned. Clean toilet. Clean up bug spray and spray the outside of house and around the pool and front sidewalk. Take small sprayer inside and spray corners and door thresh holds. Dryer done, fold moms laundry. Take mom to the bathroom. Go upstairs and finish primary stuff for tomorrow. Oh yeah...I still need to make two phone calls. Oh look...notifications on FB- Ashley just did a cute post- save photo. Find the phone number I needed- make two calls. Another notification about the BGR news letter for Oct. I really need to put an ad in there. Send email for information. Printed out save-the-date cards for the primary program. Answer another email from Chatfields, help her get rid of dresses, too. Take mom to the bathroom. Better start dinner soon. I really want to try out the apple dumpling recipe...maybe I have time to make that while fixing dinner. Not exactly my day for cooking. Over boiled the pasta- got the apple dumplings in the oven, had just put the hamburgers in the pan- yup, take mom to the bathroom. The pasta is mushy, and the hamburgers are tough. The apple dumplings taste great, but need to work on getting the crust to "hang on" better. Ron ate quick, because he had appointment at 7 to help someone with family history. Clean up kitchen. Take mom to bathroom. Clean up kitchen floor. Oh...frost birthday cake, that I made this morning. Now it is after two boxes of dresses to photograph are still sitting in the breezeway- my bag of primary stuff for tomorrow is not completely packed- the bug spray is still sitting in the exercise room- I still need to make salad for tomorrow, and get mom ready for bed. LOL
My plan now (9pm) - drag the two boxes from the garage into the exercise room, go make salad for dinner tomorrow, help mom get ready for bed...then finish up my primary stuff for tomorrow. Then see what happens during the night tonight- ha.

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