Thursday, September 15, 2016

Senior Bday Party

So a bday party for me was nothing like the Rock Star Party- lol. You can see how excited Eli was, in the first photo :) Audrey and Sam cooked some great food for dinner. And...Audrey made two pies. Her first pie crusts ever :) (One coconut and one chocolate pie) This was the Sunday evening before my birthday. Yummy chocolate pie... just ask Noah. (Pic #7) ON my birthday...Ron took me to the TMobile store to get a new phone, then dinner at PF Changs, and then a movie. We had alittle trouble with the movie, because the projector was broken at the theater where we already had tickets. Got a refund there and a couple of free passes. Then we went to another theater, to see the movie Ben-Hur. Ron took his popcorn and drink from the first theater into the second theater ;) All of this just meant we were an hour later getting home than we had planned. And it meant more driving around than planned. So...I'm old enough to get a senior discount at the movies and "senior size" snacks!

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