Thursday, October 13, 2016

This and That

As I was looking through my photos, I realized that I had some random ones to share. One of my sharing times in August was about Samuel the Lamanite. I had ordered a Samuel the Lamanite figurine from Amazon, then I set it on a "rice krispie treat wall". It went well and the kids had a great time taking a piece of the wall. But we suffered "sugar overload" for the rest of primary :)

I have been advertising everything on SALE at The Silver Hanger. Things actually went pretty well in September and I had several good sales. October has been bad...looking like "donations" here we come for November.

I did a cute little teacher appreciation handout for September. A little sticky note pad with thought and a few paragraphs for the Teaching No Greater Call manual. I figured out how to copy and paste photos of Christ, from to labels...great for primary items.

As I am working on things for Christmas...I really wanted to get a play kitchen and put it in the toy closet downstairs. Plus I bought some new "play food" items. Now I just need to find a small table and four chairs.

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