Tuesday, November 8, 2016

2016 Primary Program

Our big project every year for Primary, at church, is the annual Primary Sacrament Meeting Program.
Ours was on Sunday, October 30. Squeezed right in between the Fall Festival and Halloween- lol. I planned for 28 children. We had a few "no shows", but we just skipped those parts. One of those made me a little sad, because I had a specific part for two twin boys, to do together, and they didn't come that day. Another one that didn't come was a 12 year old girl, with a narrator part. Luckily on that one I had given that part to a boy who turns 12 in December, Deacon Cruz. He did a great job. The other three narrators were Isaac Huff, Amanda Martin, and Emma Carlson. (They are all 12 already) The amazing thing that I tried this year was having those kids help the younger kids and also manage the microphone. It was awesome! Every single person that commented to me about the program, mentioned how impressed they were with that idea and how it turned out. I also reluctantly agreed to have a cookie reception in the overflow right after Sacrament meeting. I'm not sure that it had the hoped for result of being able to have the missionaries meet the guests, but the kids loved it. We also switched sharing time and class time that day, so that the reception was only disrupting sharing time and not class time. Although the kids were wound up and sugared up by class time. Here are a few pics of our primary classes. (Of course, I have no photos of the program it's self.) I also included photos for some of our "Scripture Heros" that visited Primary this year :)

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