Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Just For Me

Out on Pinterest I have a board called "Just For Me". I save stuff there that probably no one else needs or wants, but at some point, there are things there that are just for me :) That is what this post is...nothing that anyone else needs...but some time later I will want to look at it. Some time later... when the girls divide up my cute stuff and put me in a nursing home... I will be able to look at this post and remember all of my cute stuff- lol. On Monday, October 2nd, mom was having a bad day. Since I was having to answer her call button about every 30 minutes, all I accomplished that day was "putting around" getting my Halloween "stuff" out. I needed to be upstairs working on the storage room, but I couldn't work on that project until Lisa got here. (So, I did that during the evening, instead of Ron and I going out on visits.) Then, last Thursday, I made the spiral mesh wreath for the door. It turned out bigger and fluffier than I wanted...good thing I have a big door. But using the mesh in spirals and the colors turned out well. The "HAUNT" letters are new. I just ordered those online and glued the paper to them. Anyway... here is my cute stuff- haha.


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Kerrville Triathlon

In between birthday partys around here is pretty boring- lol. Actually... most of the time we enjoy the peace and quiet, but days kind of run together, with the same old routine. We had one weekend in September that took us out of the normal rut. Mike, Carrie, and the boys came to stay with us, so that Mike could do a short version of a triathlon in Kerrville, on September 23. It was actually a good break for them too... from working so hard on "house mucking" in Houston. They arrived Friday evening and Mike needed to be in Kerrville early on Saturday morning. Ron and I decided to go watch and take pictures. (Carrie went on her own personal run- training for a marathon. The boys stayed at our house, on their "devices"- ha :) I didn't get great pics...but at least captured a few highlights. My favorite, is the one where he is running and both feet are off the ground. :)

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Dinosaur Party

In my attempt to get caught up on my blog...I forgot to put my dinosaur party in there...in the correct place. (This should have gone in here, before our Utah trip.) This party was for Noah's birthday. It was the last Sunday in August. We had some fun food, decorations, and activities. Thanks to Pinterest, Amazon, and one shopping trip, I got it all together. The only time that Ron really questioned what I was doing, was when I was covering plastic dinosaurs in a mixture of sand, dirt, flour, and water. (Made for perfect dinosaurs to excavate!) I made the cute little cloth bag to put all of the dinosaurs in... hoping it didn't look too much like a purse. I never did fancy parties for my own kids... Grandmas have alot more time than moms!! Noah was excited with everything ;)