Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Bird Seed

One of the items in our monthly budget is birdseed.  I don't even want to think about the dollar amount on that ;) The birdseed actually feeds the deer, the squirrels, the raccoons, the turkeys and the birds.

A New Year Resolution

So... Ron and I are not very good at setting new years resolutions, but here is my ONE for this year. And...it's written down some where- lol.

Drink more water.

My Deer Whisperer :)

Just a few fun pics... Ron is trying to make friends with the deer. They don't know exactly what to think about that chair being there. And they especially don't know what to think with him sitting in the chair.  The Christiansen kids had fun, when they were here, helping him with the "chores". We love living here where we have animals in the yard every day. In means we don't have a pristine, well manicured yard... but we have animals :)

Friday, January 20, 2017

Last but not Least

Here is my last post for 2016. After everyone left... I had tons of cleaning to do...it was super quiet... and I kept wondering if we had already done Christmas- it was such a whirlwind :) We had some random food left. Although for most of the meals, there was not tons of leftovers and what leftovers there were, got eaten sometime...by someone. I didn't ever post a picture of Sam's outdoor kitchen. He was amazing cooking up bacon, eggs,and pancakes almost every morning. I found little snack and pop stashes...mostly in my sewing room :) When I opened up the toy kitchen closet...I had to get a couple of pics. That is what my kitchen felt like most of the time and now my cupboards are bare- lol. We also began acquiring a small pile of "left here" items. Here are my last little pics of Christmas decor. I couldn't quite put everything way...it was like it had been buried for a couple of weeks...I still needed to enjoy it- lol. Since I never sent out Christmas cards...I printed our family picture into a "Happy New Year" card and got those out in the mail, the first week of January. Just as soon as I publish this post...I will be ready to print my blog book for 2016!

Christmas 2016- 7

Toward the end of the week, things really slowed down. By Thursday, Alison and I did a grocery run, and tried to "regroup" on the food situation. There was a temple trip, especially for Nathan and Jaden to do baptisms. Later that night, some of the guys went to an OSU football game in San Antonio. On Friday, the Petes loaded up and headed toward Utah. There was also a trip to the dinosaur museum... in there somewhere :) On Sunday morning, the Christiansens went to church with the Andersons and the Simms went to church with us and then headed toward California. Sunday dinner was us, the Andersons, and the Christiansens. We went to Andersons for dinner and FHE on Monday. The Christiansens stayed until Wednesday, Jan. 4, their flight back to SLC was early afternoon. Man...what a Christmas holiday...everybody needs a NAP! By Wednesday evening...it was REALLY quiet here ;)

Christmas 2016- 6

By Tuesday, our schedule had slowed down a bit. I think the kids were still going strong, but it was the adults that were slowly wearing out :) Some activities for Tuesday and Wednesday included an afternoon at the movies, a hotdog roast, and the swimming pool. There was always various games and puzzles in the "down time". Mike and Carrie and the boys and the dogs, headed back to Houston on Wednesday afternoon. Only in Texas, can you swim a couple of days after Christmas- lol.

Christmas 2016- 5

The plan for Monday, the day after Christmas was the Dragon/Princess birthday party for all of the December birthday kids. Unfortunately I was sick, in bed that day. But...I still have pics of all the festivities :) Everyone else took care of the kids and the party. Audrey planned the Dragon/Secret Room part, for the big boys and some activities for the little boys. Annie, Alison, and Ashley took care of the princess party. Annie made two awesome cakes. Audrey planned a "dragon lunch". The other adults helped with kid supervision ;) We had reserved the plantation house for the main part of the party and then back to our house for lunch. The December birthdays are Hazel, Owen, Jaden, and Savie...and Micah :) Here are some of the fun pics, from an awesome day...that I missed :(