Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Christmas 2016- 1

It's time to get started on my Christmas 2016 posts. This will take me a while and I will do in lots of parts. We knew beginning in July, that everyone would be at our house for Christmas. So..I was planning for 6 months. I thought through most where everyone would sleep, where everyone would sit to eat etc. Even though I had prepared much...I was still not quite ready for the "whirlwind" of toys, kids, dishes, trash, laundry, etc that would descend upon us- lol.  We packed as much "fun" as we could into 6 days. (That was the total time that we were ALL here- everyone arrived by Dec. 23 and then they began leaving on Dec. 28. Some staying longer than others- all had to meet a schedule to be back home.) My first post here is not even our family Christmas at all...but it is our ward Christmas party, nativity story. That was my big project about Thanksgiving time and the first week of December. I could have had more things prepared...last avoid all of the last minute rush- lol. I will definitely be more prepared for next year- I am hoping that this will be an annual Christmas tradition for Primary. My "lamb" project started out to be just for the Sunbeams and then turned into Sunbeams and I ended up making 15 "lamb ears". My cardboard sheep, have been moving around with us since Bartlesville- I made a new camel, but I didn't get a new donkey done. I made a few new wisemen accessories. The program turned out okay, except we had 175 people there for dinner, so not much space to set up and kind of difficult to see from the "way back" :)

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