Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Christmas 2016- 4.5

I did one post for the Saturday, daytime activities and now this one is for the Saturday evening activities...hence the 4.5 :) For dinner Saturday evening we had a taco bar. Just various tortillas, chips, tostadas with meat, cheese, lettuce, beans, rice etc. After dinner we did Christmas cookies. (I made the cookies earlier in the week- so this just entailed frosting and sprinkles...not sugar and flour all over my kitchen- lol.) We also had the cousin gift exchange and the Christmas Eve pajamas. Later we also had a couples dance on the porch, with music and Christmas lights- but I was too busy dancing with Ron and didn't get any pics. The song was "The Greatest Gift of All" by Lee Greenwood. (this was actually my favorite activity :) Here are some pics from the evening and the song. We did the cousin gifts one-at-a-time. The pajamas ...we passed out the gifts and opened all-at-once. I warned the girls, that my type two personality kicked in on the pajamas... I just couldn't do the crazy little kid footies for those bigger boys...so everyone got sweat pants and t shirts :) It was a great evening and great "cousin time".

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