Friday, January 20, 2017

Christmas 2016- 5

The plan for Monday, the day after Christmas was the Dragon/Princess birthday party for all of the December birthday kids. Unfortunately I was sick, in bed that day. But...I still have pics of all the festivities :) Everyone else took care of the kids and the party. Audrey planned the Dragon/Secret Room part, for the big boys and some activities for the little boys. Annie, Alison, and Ashley took care of the princess party. Annie made two awesome cakes. Audrey planned a "dragon lunch". The other adults helped with kid supervision ;) We had reserved the plantation house for the main part of the party and then back to our house for lunch. The December birthdays are Hazel, Owen, Jaden, and Savie...and Micah :) Here are some of the fun pics, from an awesome day...that I missed :(

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