Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Christmas Day- 2016

Since Christmas was on Sunday, we had a few linguistics to work Santa and church :) After much discussion on "Santa Gifts"... we worked out a plan for most of the gifts to be here on Sunday morning, but everyone go to church and then open gifts when we got home. I planned for everyone to pack their own "snack-lunch-bag" to eat in the car on the way wasting time for lunch :) (and that was a fun idea, for all of the kids to pack their own bag. I had small bottles of water and lots of snack items to choose from. There were also a few leftover Subway sandwiches in the refrig at church.) Also, Sunday at church was special...our family did two of the musical numbers for Sacrament meeting. The kids singing "Away in a Manger" was especially interesting with Eli holding a microphone and leading the way ;) His little "asleep" verses were not very lullaby - lol. Anyway...once we got home it was gifts, gifts, and more gifts. Soon after the huge pile of gifts upstairs was opened...our friend John Simmons drove the mule down the driveway, with MORE gifts. (Those gifts were the ones from Baba and Papa, delivered by Santa's, Texan, helper. It was awesome. This was my second favorite activity). In the very last picture, you can almost see the great surprised look on Hailey's face when she realized there were gifts in the back of the mule :)


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