Thursday, January 19, 2017

Christmas Day NIGHT :)

After all of the gifts...I worked on dinner! We had a gentleman in our ward smoke three turkeys for us, so all I had to do was warm up the turkey. I also did stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry salad, sweet potatoes, tossed salad etc. I didn't make my usual pies, because we planned to have cupcakes for dessert, as part of the birthday party for Jesus. After dinner we wanted to do the nativity story with the kids. Annie and I hunted around for some costumes. (Luckily, I still had a tub of costumes that a lady in our ward had for the Christmas party) That activity went pretty well, outside, on the driveway...until the lambs started running around, with the shepherds running after them...then everything got crazy and turned into a lipsinc, song and dance party! We eventually did have the cupcakes with candles...but it was abit windy for that. It was a fun evening for the kids though. (Hailey and Jaden were Mary and Joseph. Eli and Owen were shepherds. The lambs were Dallin, Hazel, and Noah. The star was Evie. The wise men were Nathan, Nicholas, and Jared. Emmy and Savie were angels.)

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