Friday, January 20, 2017

Last but not Least

Here is my last post for 2016. After everyone left... I had tons of cleaning to was super quiet... and I kept wondering if we had already done Christmas- it was such a whirlwind :) We had some random food left. Although for most of the meals, there was not tons of leftovers and what leftovers there were, got eaten someone. I didn't ever post a picture of Sam's outdoor kitchen. He was amazing cooking up bacon, eggs,and pancakes almost every morning. I found little snack and pop stashes...mostly in my sewing room :) When I opened up the toy kitchen closet...I had to get a couple of pics. That is what my kitchen felt like most of the time and now my cupboards are bare- lol. We also began acquiring a small pile of "left here" items. Here are my last little pics of Christmas decor. I couldn't quite put everything was like it had been buried for a couple of weeks...I still needed to enjoy it- lol. Since I never sent out Christmas cards...I printed our family picture into a "Happy New Year" card and got those out in the mail, the first week of January. Just as soon as I publish this post...I will be ready to print my blog book for 2016!

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