Saturday, February 4, 2017

Number 18 on 11/18

After I finished my blogging for 2016 and printed my book... I realized that I missed an important event. Luke was born the Friday before Thanksgiving. Sam and Audrey had lots of company for Thanksgiving so we stayed home for dinner.  Since my time away from home is tied to mom's schedule... I couldn't even go see the baby right away. Ron went in and got Eli and Noah on Saturday and they spent the weekend and Monday with us. I still don't have very many pics. Sam did the baby blessing right after Owen's baptism on Dec. 24. (I included a couple of those pics again) Now it is the first part of February and I just finished his taggie blanket yesterday :) He is a sweet baby and Audrey hasn't had any problems adjusting to having three boys now. She worked like crazy over the Christmas holiday with all of the family activities here and planning the "dragon/princess" party!

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