Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Eli Celebrating SIX

Eli turned SIX last week. He got all sorts of bday celebration. We attended his party at "Pump It Up" and then we had a little party at our house for our usual Sunday evening dinner with the Andersons. (Audrey also took him to several other fun activities between Thursday and Saturday.) There were at least 15 of his school friends at "Pump It Up". There was all of the inflatable games, then pizza and cake, and gifts. For Sunday evening, I did a few decorations. I am perfecting the "Ice Cream Sandwich Cake". This one was really yummy. Then a couple of gifts from us and a card, with money from mom. I got some great pics of Luke on Saturday. He is growing and changing like crazy. Sam had been gone for two weeks, so Audrey and all of the boys were glad to have him home. (It was a gray, rainy, Saturday for the "Pump It Up" party, in San Antonio.)

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