Monday, May 15, 2017

Mothers Day 2017

Good day here. I worked hard on some Mothers Day items for primary and sharing time. We went a bit early to church, so Ron could help me set up the TV. I showed a great music video, "Choose Him Again". We made Mothers Day cards. "I toadly love you". (I saw the frog stickers at the store and had to purchase them- lol) Ron packed up our lunch to have in the car on the way home. I cooked dinner and Sam did dessert. Eli and Noah were super cute with the flower bouquets that they picked out for GG and me. Ron hung some flowers out side. (Now we have "hanging deer food".) Ashley is busy with company at their house. She bought the "stuff" for french toast and Daniel and the "boys" fixed that for dinner. Nathan fixed eggs, bacon, and waffles for Annie. Alex fixed dinner. (She is going crazy, trying to ready for the England trip/move.) Alison and Micah made ice cream cakes, and were selling and delivering those. Mike pampered Carrie all day ;) Of course Audrey and Sam were with us. The first photo is the best one I got, from the whole bunch.

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