Monday, May 8, 2017

What Have I Been Doing...

since Easter?

Seems like not very much :) Other than cooking, cleaning, and laundry.  I captured a few pics here and there. I have had a couple of "projects"- lol. We are in a pretty sorry, sad, situation, where mom needs help to get to the bathroom. Her days consist of sitting in the recliner chair, with her feet up :(
As a result of that, someone has to be here 24/7. When Ashley wanted us to come and stay with the kids...Ron had to go alone. I put all of the Easter decor away. And put out some "bird egg" decor- lol. I wanted something that looked like Spring.  Actually, I really like the  pale turquoise color in my living room. I found a new "animals-in-a-boat" artwork for my dining room. Our front flower bed is looking pretty good... not professional landscaping, by any means, but not too bad. Lots of blooming Easter lilies, and even more blooming weeds! I have been working on some mothers day photos for primary. And I made a cute photo album of Hazel, for Ashley's birthday. And...I may be in trouble for this one...but I decided to clean out "Ron's Man Cave" while he is gone. There will be weeping and wailing over not being able to find anything :) But when it's time to put the pool cover away...he might say thank you ;) I am not finished cleaning and organizing yet...I included one pic of the "mostly finished" room... at least all of the dust, mud, grass, bugs, cat hair, trash and saw dust are gone!

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