Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Boston in May

I am finally tackling all of my photos from our trip to Boston, in May. I had 273 pics to go through :) CAUTION- photo overload here :) We went to Boston with Sam, Audrey, the boys, and Sam's mom... for Sam's graduation from Bentley. We packed alot between Wednesday and Sunday- lol. Here is our list of activities... A Duck Tour bus, that goes on land AND water (including sites of downtown Boston), lunch at Brewers Fork, the USS Constitution Museum, Italian restaurant dinner, Paul Revere's bell tower, dessert at Mike's Pastry, Boston Tea Party Museum (including the tea room and the gift shop), lunch at the Flour Bakery, dinner at Legal Seafood, a stroll around city park, a visit to the Boston temple, breakfast at the "Pickle", graduation at Bentley U, pics of the house that we stayed in, and airport pics. I was amazed at how kid friendly the activities were. (of course our event planner ... Sam ... was choosing those) Sam's mom met us at the airport, and we rented two cars. The house had 3 bedrooms upstairs, two bathrooms, living, dining, and kitchen. The best part of the trip was not doing too many activities, so we could just take our time, and let the boys play and enjoy the museums. The weather was abit too hot for walking around very far, but we did okay. We ate some great food. Of course, the last event was Sam's graduation, on Saturday. Sunday was a travel day back home. (I decided that the reason for us to go was to help haul suitcases, car seats, stroller, bassinet, etc through the airports. lol) Remember, you can click on the pics and see them larger.

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